Byron Bay has always been one of my favourite escapes – so close to home in Sydney. Perfect for long weekend or extended summer holiday holidays, or to one of my favourite music festivals like Splendour in the Grass or Blues fest when I want to get my rock child on. 

So when one of our favourites stylists – Beck Marshall from Papier-Mache children’s magazine moved up there permanently it seemed like the perfect opportunity for our team to fly up there for a ‘country shoot’. One of our incredible Tutu du Monde photographers Hannah Scott-Stevenson, also happened to be in town from the US so everything fell into place perfectly. 

We were super organised and couriered the sample collection to Byron Bay well ahead of the shoot…but as luck had it, the boxes were lost (they turned up after the shoot!). We ended up flying up there on the weekend prior to the shoot with a duplicate sample collection (which luckily hadn’t left for the US yet).

We made a weekend out of it, staying at TDM favourite The Atlantic and working with Beck on the styling. It was an early start on a horse farm in the hinterland. We had a gorgeous young girl acting as the ‘horse whisperer’ so all the little girls would feel safe, comfortable and confident with the horses.

Apart from the permanent fixture  - my daughter Alyna, all the girls were local amateur mini models except IG celebs Daisy and her sister Poppy - @dancingdaisy1.

The grounds where we shot the horse pictures had the very cool ‘Free Spirit’ bus which was used a week later in a video clip by Xavier Rudd who regularly stays on the grounds in a huge converted shed.

The girls enjoyed roaming around, feeding and playing with the horses. Fearlessly Beck’s daughter Matilda did her tricks on one of the gently horses…(see pictures) and the younger ones were unafraid either leading the horses and riding them bareback. It was wonderful to see the girls interact with the animals especially once we also picked up gorgeous fluffy bunnies from the local pet shop – on loan – except that by the end of the day they all found new homes.

One of the girls who modelled brought her little bird which is ALWAYS with her anyway – even in school – clearly ‘only in Byron’. The tutu dress she was wearing ended up being called the Little Birdie dress.

During the very hot midday hours had a lunch picnic and stayed in the shady areas by the barn.Once the sun started to go down we went back to the horse enclosure to shoot in the high grass and on the fence with the beautiful backlight from the sun going down…

That time of day ended up producing the highlights of the campaign..with the sun’s golden light making everything magical… We caught the last rays before we had to pack up and head to the airport to go back home to Sydney after a long long day…

We ate noodles at the airport completely delirious with exhaustion and excitement at the same time about the results of the shoot and nearly missed our flight as we were chatting away until luckily one of us heard our names called out and we all ran to the gate.

Andrea and the Tutu team