About the Brand

On a mission to celebrate the fleeting years of childhood with magical dresses that inspire play, imagination, and self-expression, Tutu Du Monde enriches every little girl’s desire to dream.

The brainchild of acclaimed designer, Andrea Rembeck, and inspired by her unwavering commitment to creativity, authenticity and craftsmanship, Tutu Du Monde came to life when Andrea’s daughter requested a tutu, and underwhelmed by the available options, the Sydney-based mum turned to her design talent to create her own.

Capturing the spirit, innocence, and freedom of childhood, the essence of Tutu Du Monde shines through each exquisite piece. From the signature tutu dresses, to seasonal collections featuring perfectly coordinated hair accessories, capes, ballet slippers, and now also swim and resort wear.

Celebrating the imaginations of little (and big) girls the world over, each Tutu Du Monde piece is truly unique— just like its wearer— and is perfect for all occasions, from playing dress-ups to being a flower girl. A Tutu du Monde garment is designed to be treasured for decades to come, creating powerful memories before being passed on through the generations.

Quality and artistry are at the core of the brand, so it was natural for Andrea and her team to turn to India’s most skilled beaders, helping to keep an ancient art alive by adapting traditional embroidery techniques to innovate and create contemporary children’s fashion.

In today’s world of generic, mass-produced fast factory fashion, knowing the provenance of your clothes is still a rare and lovely treat. And just as rewarding as knowing where your clothes come from is discovering that the beautiful item you’ve purchased has just as beautiful a backstory.

"At the heart of Tutu Du Monde is a sense of pure joy. Quite simply, little girls blossom when they step into a Tutu Du Monde garment and begin to daydream!"

our designs

Each Tutu Du Monde item is an expression of the love that is poured into them, from the design stage in Australia, to their production in India by a group of extremely talented ladies who are proud to use the skills handed down to them through their families.

Reminiscent of ethereal French ballet costumes, all Tutu Du Monde garments are of the highest quality, hand-crafted and hand-dyed with an old-world feel… dusty pastels, silk ties, sparkly sequins, crystal beads and wisps of feathers applied to the softest natural cotton, finest tulle and silk organza. Tutu Du Monde pieces are divinely comfortable, with a focus on simple, timeless designs, breathable, lightweight fabrics, and with stretch and softness. They are made to last and become more lovely with wear as slight fading and fraying edges adds to their charm.

our commitment to slow fashion

We have never looked at seasons or current trends. We have always marched to the beat of our own drum which is driven by creativity.

The essence of Tutu du Monde shines through each individual piece, with timelessness and luxury at the heart of the brand, our desire is to create long-lasting garments, precious memories and exquisite heirlooms to be passed on through generations and to be treasured for decades to come. We certainly haven’t mastered every challenge along the way of sustainability but collectively, the Tutu du Monde team will continually research, evaluate and implement new methods which will leads us to a more ethical, transparent and resourceful business.