Thoughtfully designed and crafted with love, our hope is for your Tutu du Monde piece to become a part of your world; treasured for years to come, and handed down to your daughter’s siblings, cousins or friends.
Caring for your Tutu du Monde is easy, but there are some suggestions we can make to help ensure the longevity of your garment. Straight out of the box, we suggest hanging the garment in its own space to help any creases or wrinkles fall out of the fabric. To get the best out of your tutu, fluff up the skirt layer by layer and give it a good shake to ensure maximum volume!
Between wears, we recommend spot-cleaning any marks on the tulle, or a very gentle cold handwash if absolutely necessary. Our cottons and knits can be handwashed, and silk garments can be dry cleaned. All of our garments can be steamed, though we recommend a moderate temperature and a safe distance of about 15cm between the garment and the steamer. All of our tutus, dresses, skirts, tops, and outerwear are embellished with hand-embroidery, beading and sequins. Embellishments should not be exposed to a steamer under any circumstances, as this could cause them to melt or oxidise, depending on the individual beads or sequins.
Tutu du Monde is renowned for the detail that goes into each garment, with intricate embroidery and embellishments applied by hand, unique to each individual piece. With wear, and over time, a bead or sequin or two may loosen or fall off, so with each new garment, we supply matching beads and sequins enclosed with the swing tag for you to keep somewhere safe. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide matching embellishments from past collections, as these details change from season to season.

The beauty of a Tutu du Monde piece is that it can be worn for years and years and handed down or given away when the time comes. We believe that gentle wear and tear only adds to the beauty of a Tutu du Monde garment, with soft fraying, a missing bead here or there, and light stretching resulting in the strikingly whimsical silhouette of a truly loved garment.